FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips

FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips

If you're wondering if Spanish Geniuses is a fit for you, here are some freebies for you to enjoy. Need the Ministry Flash Card Set?
That's a free download here:

FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips
  • SGSG Bonus Clip - Town and City

    Learn Spanish with a community> No knowledge required at the Bonus Sessions. All ages attend from age 8 and up!
    Giggles abound as learning soars!
    el tocino = the bacon
    Eres viejo = you're old

  • Asking for help in Spanish - Free 5 minute lesson

    Check the full Homeschool Spanish Learning blog post here:

    Excuse me - perdón (pehr-DOHN)

    I need - Necesito (neh-seh-SEE-toh)
    help - la ayuda (ah-yoo-dah)

    I would like - Me gustaría
    with - con
    this thing - es...

  • What's in Pasaportes?

    Study Spanish, Geography, History, Culture, and how to help! Springboard your student from basic Spanish to more fluency with this fun series of 21 Lessons!

    Use MIDDLESCHOOL - just a few slots left - as a discount code to lock in $24.50/month subscription savings for the next twelve months! One...

  • Big Game Hunt Clip

    Preterite tense questions and 20 questions about big game.

  • Jumpstart Adult Spanish Lesson for Mission Trips

    Find the Full Lesson PDF here:

    (Or just access the list from this point.)
    Download and print out the Ministry Set by Clicking Here.

  • SGSG Valentines Day Gift 2023

    Get the Download for this lesson here (complete with audio!):

  • Newsletter 5 minute Free lesson - Satisfaction with Spanish

    Use THREE new Spanish words and have a complete conversation in Spanish.
    You can start RIGHT NOW. You need a pencil, and three scraps of paper. GO!

    Did you like this method? You should grab a subscription - upper right corner gives you a free trial - this is the feeling of each of my bonus sess...

  • Free Five Minute Spanish Lesson "Decoding"

    How do you use decoding in your homeschool Spanish lessons? How hard/easy is it?
    For 6th graders and up, using Graphics from sayings or Bible Verses is a great decoding tool. Follow along and learn some Spanish Vocabulary as well as how to use this method at home.

  • Can I teach Spanish without a curriculum?

    Homeschooling is fun and rewarding, and sometimes you have to make your own lesson. I'm here to help you get started with Spanish without a curriculum or an app!

  • Flip Flop Spanish Bingo Game: Farm Words

    4 items

    Find the download here:

  • 4Day Language Boost Boot Camp

    January 9,10,12, and 13th @11am and 3pm Central, you'll have the chance to learn, speak, teach, and UNDERSTAND Spanish! Bring your best problems and hardest obstacles to learning a language, and Suzanne will help you overcome them! Miss a morning session? Come in the afternoon. Miss it all togeth...

  • Flip Flop Jot - Spanish for Mamá

    From "I need to think," to "Where is your father?" Learn how to put together Spanish vocabulary into complex sentences, just four words at a time!

    The Charlotte Mason method includes SERIES for learning a language, and that's EXACTLY what you'll find in this simple tool for Parents who want to l...

  • 3 minute Spanish cognate tips

    We'll be doing a LIVE zoom class just on cognates in the near future! Subscribe to be a part of the fun and ease of learning, when you have a passionate guide!

  • Free They Call Me Blessed Bonus Calendar Lesson and Tips

    Free Short Spanish Fun Activity Calendar Lesson Tips and Tricks. Many of you received this FREE from my special friend Ana Willis on They Call Me Blessed.

    Homeschool Spanish Learning Tools mentioned in this video: (The "Hang on the Wall" calendar INCLUDES...

  • Adults: How do we learn Spanish?

    How do you ACTUALLY learn Spanish as an adult? Take a quick listen! Join Sra. Gose as she helps you with this quick video lesson on learning Spanish when you're older.

  • What have you been doing lately? SGSG Bonus Session

    In this homeschool Spanish lesson Sra. Gose teaches you a vocabulary list (conversation starters) on how to talk about how you've been and what activities you've been doing recently.

  • Free Advent Calendar and Bonus Series Lesson

    Here's the Christmas Advent Calendar:

    And here's the skinny book for the bonus Lesson:

  • Free Ministry Flash Card Lesson 1

  • Free Ministry Flash Cards Lesson 2 - Roman Road

  • Free Ministry Flash Card Lesson 3

    What do you HAVE to do?
    Tener que Spanish Lesson

  • Azul Set Lesson Clip2

    This is a quick 3 minute clip from mid semester of a co-op class I taught on the Charlotte Mason Plenary Site. Ages 4 through 11 joined in, and would sometimes repeat aloud, and other times stay muted. Enjoy their enthusiasm, and practice Seeing it and Saying it in Spanish WITH the class!

    The ph...

  • Spanish Geniuses Aprils Fools Clip - Full of giggles!

  • Spanish Geniuses Live Clip Feb 22

  • Spanish Geniuses Juniors: Free Birthday Lesson

    Looking for the PDF for this Lesson? Click here:

    Off topic....Wondering about birthdays and how the Gose family handles them (5 children within 6.5 years of one another made birthdays a BIG deal!).. check o...