FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips

FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips

If you're wondering if Spanish Geniuses is a fit for you, here are some freebies for you to enjoy. Need the Ministry Flash Card Set?
That's a free download here:

FREE Spanish Video Lessons and Clips
  • Free Silly Spanish Lesson On Opposites

    grande ~ pequeño
    big ~ small

    negro ~ blanco
    black ~ white

    bonito ~ feo
    pretty ~ ugly

    largo ~ corto
    long ~ short

    alto ~ bajo
    tall ~ short

    flaco ~ gordo
    skinny ~ fat

    cómico ~ serio
    funny ~ serious

  • Flip Flop Spanish Calendar Level 2: Expanding with a Spanish Grammar Lesson

    Grab LEVEL 2 for your One Word a Day of Spanish Learning, and LEVEL up!
    Here's a video on how to expand your Fun, SHORT, easy Spanish lessons.

    Don't forget - each purchase comes with audio and ebook downloads.

  • Flip Flop Spanish Flash Card Fishing

    Just need some paperclips, a fridge magnet, and some yarn.... then ANYTHING can be your pole (ruler, stick, pen... we used a pencil here.)
    Call out the word AS you catch it, or set a goal.
    WE also used the Flip Flop Spanish Flashcard stand, because the magnet wouldn't lay down on the floor!

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Session: My Backyard Clip

    Sometimes we have a hammock in our back yard.
    What color is it? My hammock is red.
    It's red!
    Red too, interesting!
    We have a fort in the forest in our back yard, and we also have swings in our yard.
    We have four four swings and a lot of trees.
    And a chimenea?
    Four swings, because th...

  • Free Flip Flop Spanish Funny Bilingual Valentine Cards

    I designed these for you to enjoy! Check them out inside the files here:

    Print, color, and give them to your friends!

    Funny, punny words like silla (see-yah!) and ola and hola, and saltar (to jump) are used to get a giggl...

  • Flip Flop Spanish Fun Activity Calendar Level 2 - Sounds Lesson

    A quick review of the Spanish Vowel Sounds and What's the DEAL with G's and C's??? And H? He's MUTE????

    Here's the purchasing link:

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Session: Jan 18: Fast Food Clip

  • Free Spanish Bible Lesson Psalm 91:1

    2 items

    Print the attached PDF, and memorize Psalm 91:1 in Spanish and English, while adding a natural way to absorb vocabulary, grammar, and decoding methods.

  • See it and Say it Short Lesson: Adverbs bien y mal

    You need:
    Necesito - Verde 18
    Jugar - Azul 38
    Leer - Azul 39
    three blanks:

    Necesitas - Do you need (neh-seh-SEE-tahs)
    bien - well (bee-EHN)
    mal - badly, poorly (mahl)

  • How can I use the See it and Say it Method for other languages?

    Are you frustrated that you can't find any curriculum for your family's target second language? Adapt See it and Say it for your needs!
    Here's the ebook version of the Verde Set for you to print and change even more easily:

  • How do we keep up with the Spanish Vocabulary?

    Need a skinny book? Grab one here:

    Need those awesome flashcards wi...

  • Free Ministry Spanish Flash Card Lessons

    4 items

    Find these FREE Spanish Flashcards here:

  • Spanish Mini-Lesson Decoding with Scripture: Romans 15:4

    Just practicing reading, getting valuable input, and noticing grammar similarities will benefit you in this quick, free lesson. Enjoy!
    Subscribers can download the attached PDF for extra practice

  • Tell me about the Spanish Geniuses Live Sessions

  • Free Tip: How to Practice Spanish Numbers in REAL LIFE.

  • Free Reading Lesson of Tiago- Bilingual Reader (Flip Flop Spanish)

    Purchase the physical copy here:

    Here's the ebook:

  • Free Spanish Lesson One minute Clip - Island words

    We usually just converse in complete sentences, but today was all about fun and games! Listen to the BINGOs in the clip - and LEARN these five words!

  • Free Bonus Session Clip - May 29 Birthdays

    Cuando es el cumpleaños de alguien, - when it’s somebody’s birthday
    es un día - it’s a day

    con - with
    sin - without

    las velas - candles
    los regalos - gifts
    el pastel - cake
    el helado - ice cream
    una película - a movie
    los globos - balloons
    la serpentina - the streamers
    la comida - the food/mea...

  • Free Spanish Geniuses Summer Plans Bonus Session Clip

  • Free Juniors Lesson: Happy Birthday

    2 items

    Enjoy a fun and easy free Lesson on Birthdays and learn along the way, how and why the SiSi (See it and Say it) Flash Card method works.

  • Clip from Game Day March 2023 - Pets Bingo

    Pet Vocabulary List in Spanish was included in this bonus session.
    My cat has my fish....
    my dog has a bowl....
    My dog doesn't have spots or stripes...

    #homeschoolspanish #charlottemasson #spanishclasses #freespanish #spanishgames
    My cat has a house. (LOL!)

  • History and Languages? What's the connection?

    There's a FREE history summit - Check it out. Why am I attending? What's the connection? Watch for four minutes or so - three slides!

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Game Day March 2023 - Pet Bingo Game
    Free Download until April 3, 2023

  • Flip Flop Spanish Bingo - Pets - Making Spanish Sentences about Pet Vocabulary

    Download your Bingo Game here: