Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: Jan 2023

Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: Jan 2023

Do you just need some extra practice? Join our Live Sessions for One Month at a time! Your entire family can attend. No limit within the same household. Screen on or off. Miss a session? Catch the video here!

January 5, Thursday: 11am ~ Making Plans (months and days)
January 10, Tuesday: 2pm ~ Grocery Store Trip
January 16, Monday: 2pm ~ Strange Things (present participle)
January 19, Thursday: 2pm ~ Crazy Weather and Temps
January 24, Tuesday: 2pm ~ Danger!
January 27, Friday: 1pm ~ Time-Telling and Daily Schedules

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Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: Jan 2023
  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Live Session: Days of week, Months of the Year

    enero - January
    febrero - February
    marzo - March
    abril - April
    mayo - May
    junio - June
    julio - July
    agosto - August
    septiembre - September
    octubre - October
    noviembre - November
    diciembre - December

    los lunes - Mondays
    los martes - Tuesdays
    los miércoles - Wednesdays
    los jueves - Thursdays
    los v...

  • Spanish Geniuses Live Bonus Session: Crazy Weather

    Spanish Vocabulary on weather and numbers by the tens to 100.
    10 diez
    20 veinte
    30 treinta
    40 cuarenta
    50 cincuenta
    60 sesenta
    70 setenta
    80 ochenta
    90 noventa
    100 cien
    101= ciento y...
    Tenemos - we have
    Tuvimos - we had

    temperaturas - temperatures

    grados - degrees
    los huracanes - the hurricane...

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Session: danger

    con… = with…
    Danger - el peligro
    dangerous - peligroso

    un pedazo de vidrio - a piece of glass
    un pedazo de basura - a piece of trash
    un pedazo de metal….
    un pedazo de… a piece of…

    el agua - the water
    un bebé - a bebe
    Una lámpara - a lamp
    un cuchillo - a knife
    unas tijeras - some scissors
    una pi...

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Session: Grocery Store Words and Phrases

    Spanish Vocabulary - also uses of ACABAR de - I just finished...
    el supermercado - the grocery store

    nunca - never
    siempre - always

    olvido - I forget
    olvida - he/she forgets

    la última vez olvidé - last time, I forgot
    la última vez olvidó - last time he/she forgot

    comprar - to buy...

  • Misused Words in Spanish Peligroso vs. Perezoso

    peligroso = dangerous
    perezoso = lazy.
    Laugh with me, AT me, just learn FROM me!
    Here are some other words to be careful with!

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Live Sessions: Scheduling and Time Jan 27

    los lunes - M
    los martes - T
    los miércoles - W
    los jueves - Th
    los viernes - F
    los sábados - Sa
    los domingos - Su

    tengo que (I have to)
    llego a (I get to)

    estudiar - to study
    ir - to go
    limpiar - to clean
    trabajar - to work
    practicar - to practice

    a las…. at (whatever time) o’clock
    1 una
    2 dos...

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