Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: November '22

Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: November '22

Do you just need some extra practice? Join our Live Sessions for One Month at a time!
TYPICAL Base MONTH Bonus Sessions Schedule:
Week 1: Monday @2pm + Friday @11am
Week 2: Tuesday @ 2pm
Week 3: Monday @ 2pm + Thursday @2pm
Week 4: Tuesday @2pm + Friday Game Day @11am

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Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions: November '22
  • Accessing Zoom Links

  • Spanish Geniuses Aprils Fools Clip - Full of giggles!

  • Spanish Geniuses Live Clip Feb 22

  • Spanish Geniuses Clip Tener Phrases for October 14

    We had more than 20 Spanish Geniuses join in and take turns while practicing aloud and typing away in the chat room. Check the forums and watch your email for the next link!

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Session November 4: Going Camping

    Sra. Gose draws and teaches about all the fun places to visit and the stuff we use while camping in this short Spanish video lesson!

    Our Spanish camping vocabulary list includes:
    Dos listas: ¿dónde? y ¿cómo?
    Generalmente - generally
    usualmente - usually
    frecuentemente - frequently
    (no) a...

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Session: Nov 14 Thanksgiving Food

    Sra. Gose gives all the goodies for the Spanish words on the Thanksgiving meal preparation and food names. Stuff yourself with this delicious Spanish vocabulary list.

    Sentence starter: I help with... Do you help with? #dailyspanish #thanksgivingspanish

    Siempre ayudo con - I always help with

  • Spanish Geniuses Bonus Speaking Session: Game Day Thanksgiving

    Sra. Gose has a turkey of a time with a fun Thanksgiving Spanish bingo game; print out the board game, cut it up, and play along. Here's the download for this game day:

    Learn how to say Spanish words...

  • Free Advent Calendar and Bonus Series Lesson

    Here's the Christmas Advent Calendar:

    And here's the skinny book for the bonus Lesson:

  • SGSG Bonus Session - Dinosaurs Nov 21

    Sra. Gose leads everyone through the interesting world of dinosaurs in Spanish.

  • Spanish Geniuses Live Bonus Session: Conversation Starters

    Homeschool Spanish Conversation Starters vocabulary list and practice

    ¿De dónde eres? (Where are you from?)
Soy de… (I’m from…)

    ¿Cuál es tu ______ favorito? (What is your favorite ___?)

    color - color
    libro - book
    película - movie
    canción - song
    comida - food
    dulce - candy

    ¿Qué vas a hacer ho...

  • Spanish Geniuses Live Bonus Session: Animals on the Savannah

    Sabías que … did you know that
    el elefante - the elephant
    el rinoceronte - the rhinoceros
    la jirafa - the giraffe
    el hipo - hippo
    la cebra -zebra
    el cobra - cobra
    la suricata - meerkat
    el hiena - hyena
    el chimpancé - chimpanzee
    el león - lion
    el avestruz - ostrich
    el guepardo - cheetah
    la gacel...