Live Spanish Practice: Christmas Special 2021

Live Spanish Practice: Christmas Special 2021

Enjoy a real life enthusiastic Spanish Teacher/Tutor at your fingertips!
Join Countless other Spanish students in various stages of learning as we enjoy practicing speaking and communicating with our new and old vocabulary.

Sra. Gose schedules weekly Live Spanish Practice sessions for her students (up to 10 per month!) of various length and on various topics. With a one time purchase, your favorite Spanish student can get access to ALL of them for January 1 through March 31, 2022.

Enter the email where you want your exclusive zoom link sent, and be sure to check the Forums for the Dates and times (you can make topic and schedule requests there as well!)

After purchase, Beginning January 1, 2022, Your student will receive an email invitation to the exclusive link the day before each Live Session. The email will include vocabulary words that we will use in our conversation, and your student will have the opportunity to push further and converse as much or as little as they would like. The last several minutes of each session is left for homework help for any questions they may have about the Spanish language.

They also have access to the Spanish Geniuses Forums to request different times or topics for the Spanish Practice Sessions. Videos will be recorded and stored in their login, so students can access any potentially missed sessions, or return and critique their growing Spanish skills.

Although most of the students are in their teens, younger students can still enjoy these live calls. Recommended age is 10 years old and up.

Live Spanish Practice: Christmas Special 2021

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