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Includes Live Weekly Bonus Speaking Sessions.
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$35 a month or $349 a year after 7-day free trial
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Complete Homeschool High School Curriculum For Teens

Looking for a world-class quality (yet not boring) Homeschool High School Spanish Program?

Look no further. No need to devote a fortune to a program you’re not sure about.

You can conquer your goals one lesson at a time from a proven, trusted source.

Señora Gose has taught THOUSANDS (2,500+) of students how to become proficient in Spanish comprehension, speaking, grammar, literature, and culture. Many of those students became missionaries in Spanish speaking countries and Spanish teachers themselves. Now, you too can enjoy her classes on any device you like for just $35 per month.

Each Weekly Video Lesson Includes:

Weekly Printable notes
Weekly homework assignment packet to print
Weekly Audio/Video Lesson ("Class time")
Weekly Vocabulary practice (We call them Vocab Labs)

What Do I need?

For Spanish Geniuses Juniors: NOTHING - print as you go! All inclusive.

For Spanish Geniuses Level 1:
Spanish Now Textbook:

Spanish Geniuses Level 1 Guidebook: (download and print, or order the spiral)

Spanish Level 2 Textbook:

Spanish Level 2 Guidebook: (download and print, or order the spiral)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your background, what type of Spanish, what's the cost, what else do I need to know?

• Bonus Live Sessions once and twice per week!
• Answer Keys are located in the following lesson.
• Textbooks come with included audio
• Señora Gose Lived in Spain, and Studied regionalisms, Taught, and Spoken Spanish, taking care to be as Non-Regional in her diction as possible for more than 25 years.
• If you have a wide spread of ages, the LifeTime access is the best cost value.
• More videos are added weekly
• Written, Spoken, and Hands On Activities are included.
• 24/7 access to Sra. Gose - she answer Spanish Genius emails FIRST every morning (often with a video!)

Not ready for High School Spanish Quite yet?

You've heard of the success of the See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish method, and you don't want to miss out on it... what do you do? Click the button to the right. Watch, listen, and be encouraged!

(Not ready for High School just yet, take your time and do the whole SiSi curriculum!)

In just fifteen minutes a day, you can have stress-free, FUN lessons. Students as young as three years old learn through the simple audio lessons to speak and THINK in Spanish!

See it and Say it leads you through it - open and go, no prep, no grammar drills, NO READING! Hands-on, fast, and easy; the whole family learns all together.

You can learn more about it here:

If you have teens and are ready to dive in to High School Spanish Levels now, you can still harness the fun and effectiveness of See it and Say it!


Spanish Geniuses Isn't Just for Teens

• Ages 11 through 14 enjoy Spanish Geniuses Juniors Lessons - including themes, reading, comics and geography based lessons.
• Useful for College Students wanting Tutoring (Live Sessions are included!)
• Adults Learning with their Teens
• High Schoolers from all grades
• Parents staying ahead of their children
• Native Spanish Speakers Wanting to learn Grammatical Concepts

Watch from anywhere

No television provider needed. Your favorite videos, available wherever you want.

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