Spanish Geniuses: LifeTime Access

Spanish Geniuses: LifeTime Access

If you have multiple children at several stages, you are looking to be a LIFETIME Member of Spanish Geniuses All Access.

We have uploaded all the lessons and PDF lessons for High School Spanish Geniuses Level 1, Level 2, and the Spanish Geniuses Juniors Lessons.

Pay once and receive the value of ALL lessons at all times. Anyone in your family can access any video, any lesson. So if you need Spanish classes for more than three years, this is the plan for you!

You will be notified when content and videos are added throughout the year(s).
That’s right - pay just ONE TIME and have lifetime access to ALL Spanish Genius lessons and lots more (keep reading to see everything you get…)

+ 100% Access to ALL Live Practice Sessions

X No more purchasing individual lessons.

X No more getting out your credit card every time your child is ready for the next lesson.

X No more worrying about running out of time before any video expires.

One payment. All lessons. For life.

Once you purchase, you'll receive a second email giving you a life time "subscription" to the site - this is because the maneuverability and organization in the subscription section is so much better.

If you are making purchase outside of normal business hours, please give us until the next business day to get your "lifetime subscription" up and running.

In the mean time, we've included just the first three lessons for each level in this product, in case you're REALLY ready RIGHT now! :-)

Individual Spanish Geniuses Subscriptions are for Immediate Family members only.
Are you looking for co-op access? Contact us for those discounts as well!

Spanish Geniuses: LifeTime Access