Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions February 2023

Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions February 2023

Do you just need some extra practice? Join our Live Sessions for One Month at a time! Your entire family can attend. No limit within the same household. Screen on or off. Miss a session? Catch the video here!
Tuesday, Jan 31 @2pm - Lizards/Reptiles - adjective practice
Friday, Feb 3 @11am - Pets/Animals Past Tense Practice
Monday, Feb 6 @2pm - Space Words
Tuesday, Feb 14 @2pm Valentines Bingo words
Friday, Feb 17 @11am: Valentines Vocabulary Bingo Game Day
Monday, Feb 20 @2pm - WW2 Vocabulary and True/False
Thursday, Feb 23 @2pm - Hunting Big Game
Tuesday, Feb 28 @2pm - Food and Cuisine (Italian vs. Chinese vs Mexican Food!)

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Live Spanish Geniuses Bonus Sessions February 2023
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  • Bonus Speaking session Substitute: PETS & Preterite tense: One time, my dog...

    So I made you a quick video! Did you get mentioned? Did you not? Shame on me! Follow the instructions and head over to the forums to share your sentence!

    una vez - one time
    mi gallina - my chicken
    mi conejo - my rabbit
    la tortuga - my turtle
    mi perrito - my puppy
    mi lagarto - my lizard
    mi dragón...

  • SGSG Bonus Live Session February 6, Discussing Space - true/false

    cierto - true
    falso - false
    hay - there is there are
    el astronauta astronaut
    el cohete rocket
    la constelación constellation
    el espacio space
    la estrella star
    el extraterrestre - alien
    la galaxia- galaxy
    la gravedad - gravity
    el hoyo negro - black hole
    la luna moon
    la nave espacial spaceship / spa...

  • Newsletter 5 minute Free lesson - Satisfaction with Spanish

    Use THREE new Spanish words and have a complete conversation in Spanish.
    You can start RIGHT NOW. You need a pencil, and three scraps of paper. GO!

    Did you like this method? You should grab a subscription - upper right corner gives you a free trial - this is the feeling of each of my bonus sess...

  • SGSG Valentines Day Gift 2023

    Get the Download for this lesson here (complete with audio!):

  • Valentines Day 2023 Bonus Speaking Session

    If you haven’t printed the bingo card for today - go grab it now. (We are not playing today, just learning the words!)

  • Bonus Session: Facts in Spanish about WW2 - Using USAR in the preterite tense

    WW2 = la segunda guerra mundial

    primero - first
    segundo - second
    tercero - third

    fue - it was
    fueron -they were

    las fuerzas del eje - the axis powers
    Alemania - Germany
    Italia - Italy
    Japón- Japan

    las fuerzas aliadas - the allied powers
    Gran Bretaña - Great Britain
    Escocia - Scotland

  • Bonus Speaking Session: Big Game and the preterite tense

    Big game hunting: la caza mayor
    el alce - the moose
    el uapití - the elk
    el reno - reindeer
    el oso - the bear
    el búfalo - the boffalo (el bisonte)
    el león - the lion
    el tigre - the tiger
    el rinoceronte - the rhinoceros

    ayer - yesterday

    Dije - I said
    Dijiste - You said
    Dijo - He said

    comiste - y...