Spanish Geniuses Level 1

Spanish Geniuses Level 1

Looking for a world-class quality (yet not boring) Homeschool High School Spanish Program?

Look no further. No need to devote a fortune to a program you’re not sure about.

You can conquer your goals one lesson at a time from a proven, trusted source.

Señora Gose has taught more than a thousand students how to become proficient in Spanish comprehension, speaking, grammar, literature, and culture. Now, you too can enjoy her classes on any device you like for just $10 per lesson.

Each Weekly Video Lesson Includes:

Weekly Printable notes
Weekly homework assignment packet to print
Weekly Audio/Video Lesson ("Class time")
Weekly Vocabulary practice (We call them Vocab Labs)

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Access to Video Lessons

You'll want to view one Lesson at a time and complete the daily assignments for that lesson. When finished, the next lesson is ready for you.

What do I need?
1) Just the video lesson - comes with a PDF ebook for your assignments.
2) Spanish Now Textbook. That's it! (Barron's Spanish Now Textbook) -
3) Optional to skip printing your own: Spanish Guidebook so you have a hard copy of the weekly assignments and notes.

Physical Textbook

Daily assignments from the textbook (Barron's Spanish Now Textbook include stories, fill-in-the-blank grammar exercises, personal, open-ended questions - as well as an answer key in the back!) and audio (listen and repeat, answering questions) of about 20 to 25 minutes each will help your student with practice, understanding, absorption, and confidence.

Purchase your Spanish Now textbook, and get started!

Would you like to skip the printing each week? The whole year's Level 1 Guide Book is now available:

In summary:

~Each Spanish video lesson is approx 20-25min. (pause and repeat as much as you like for 5 weeks).
~Daily Spanish assignments should take about 20-30 minutes per day (four days per week).
~Each Spanish Vocab Lab is approximately 5-7 minutes.

If you want to learn Spanish (and not just “check it off,”) you’ve come to the right place.

Spanish Geniuses, a division of Flip Flop Spanish (, is instructed and created by Señora Gose.

Spanish Geniuses Level 1 integrates all the modalities of Spanish, including speaking, reading, writing, and listening, to help students achieve a basic level of proficiency and confidence in communicating in the Spanish language.

Each class, or video lesson, includes a section of downloadable notes and daily assignments in PDF format, and usually two separate videos. One video gives the class-time notes (approximately 20-30 minutes in length), the other dictates the targeted vocabulary for that week’s lesson (approximately 6-8 minutes in length).

The vocabulary and pronunciation exercises expect that the student will listen and repeat aloud frequently, in addition to reading their homework exercises aloud, and is targeted at acquiring non-regional Spanish, meaning the goal is to have an accent and word choices akin to being “Midwestern” in the United States. In short, upon completion, students will be understood and understand basic Spanish in all Spanish speaking countries.

Daily homework is estimated to take about 20 to 30 minutes, outside of the video viewing day, plus added time for vocabulary practice. Classes are designed to move forward weekly, but can be accomplished more quickly or slowly.

Spanish Geniuses provides 26 separate lessons allowing students to study the elementary concepts of pronunciation and grammar, vocabulary, semantics, syntax, dialogue, and culture, being lead through toward understanding via short, entertaining stories and conversations orally and in print in the textbook Spanish Now! Level One, published by Barron’s.

General topics covered by Textbook Units and Grammar notes: (quizzes and exams and some extra “holiday helps” will be inserted between some units)

1: Gender and Number, definite and indefinite articles, Spanish sounds
2: Vocabulary focus = city life vs. country life, review of articles, introduction to conjugation
3: Regular -ar conjugation, vocabulary theme = birthday
4: Regular -er and -ir verb conjugation, vocabulary theme = mystery party
5: Negation, theme = history class
6: Indefinite articles with negation, vocabulary = shopping/ food
7: Counting, time, day, months. Vocabulary = travel
8: Irregular verbs, vocabulary = sports, school
9: Prepositions, vocabulary = schedule, city activities
10: prepositions continued, vocabulary = gifts, holidays
11: Uses of ser, vocabulary = basic inanimate objects, riddles
12: Uses of estar, vocabulary = sickness
13: Comparisons, vocabulary = emotional and physical descriptions
14: Larger numbers, vocabulary = adjectives in more detail
15: Comparison, vocabulary = summer camp
16: Command forms, vocabulary = maps and directions
17: Possessive Adjectives, vocabulary = class and student nouns and adjectives
18: Demonstrative Adjectives, vocabulary = house, neighborhood, animals condition
19: Adverbs, vocabulary = fairy tales
20: Stem changing verbs, vocabulary = luck, Infinitives, vocabulary = I want to, I have to
21: Prepositional Pronouns, vocabulary = repaso
22: Direct Object Pronouns
23: Indirect Object pronouns
24: The formation and use of gustar & Regular Preterite Tense Verbs
25: Irregular Preterite tense verbs, Reflexive Verbs

For more information please see our Spanish Geniuses FAQ page.

Spanish Geniuses Level 1